Dawn Blagrove from Emancipate NC spoke with Kelon Lyons about the recent court of appeals opinion declaring life beginning at the inception of a child and thus the harmful ramifications this has for families involved with DSS. 

“This ruling further opens up the door for an already exploitative system to further exploit poverty, racism, and sexism that lives and breathes in the DSS system, and actively works against keeping Black and brown mothers unified with their children,” said Blagrove.

Dawn Blagrove warns of the unsettling dangers of considering Black and Latinx mothers as “unfit” parents even before their children are born.

“The fact that it’s in utero is even more disturbing because we know that babies who are yet to be born, it is much easier to steal those children, place them in new homes, and for those children to never know or have any memory of their birth mother,” Blagrove said. “For the mother to not have a chance to mother her own child, it’s barbaric, and likens itself back to the times of chattel slavery, when black mothers didn’t have a choice in how they loved and mothered their children.” 

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