Tune into the Black Light Mass Incarceration Podcast to listen to Tim Wright discuss the impact of the media on the incarcerated population with host Cierra Cobb from Emancipate NC. They discuss the detrimental impact of the media in increasing the odds that someone is given a wrongful conviction. In this episode, Tim and Cierra emphasize the perils of media sensationalism in criminal cases and how it can often result in the undermining of the presumption of innocence, making it challenging for those who have been unjustly convicted to obtain a fair trial or have their cases re-examined. The media often concentrates on the initial arrest and trial, neglecting the subsequent appeals and potential new evidence that might demonstrate the innocence of the accused.

“The media has an obligation and responsibility to be accountable for the stories and the agenda they are pushing. They are quick to push guilt but not innocence and yet are accredited with the reason a lot of people are ultimately convicted. ‘Trail by media’ is so difficult to fight against,” states Tim.  

Cierra explained that the media’s frequent sensationalism, biased reporting, and rush to judgment played a significant role in motivating her to create the Blacklight Mass Incarceration Show. The show provides a non-judgmental space for impacted individuals to share their stories and be welcomed by a supportive community. 

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