Join us and our Durham allies at Operation Stop CPS this Mother’s Day, May 12th, in Washington, D.C., for the Black Mothers March on the White House. The Black Mothers March on the White House is a coalition of Black-led organizations that have been involved in the struggle to rescue our children from the custody of the State. The Mother’s Day March is a condemnation of the colonialist policies that target the foundation of Black life and to raise a collective voice of people who have been isolated and victimized by this system. This work is part of the overall struggle to free Black people. 

This year, Emancipate NC is a co-sponsor of the march, alongside many other organizations. We are marching to make the following demands: 

  1. Repeal the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA)
  2. Repeal the Adoption and Safe Families Act (AFSA) 
  3. Children returned to their homes with resources allocated by the state to go directly to the families, ensuring successful reunification
  4. Reparationsto families – include but not limited to, money to compensate for loss of wages and legal expenses.
  5. Resources allocated by the State to support dual and contending power community oversight boards that will be empowered to investigate cases initiated by CPS and recommend their own findings and produce their own holistic and redemptive solutions. 
  6. Ban the state-sponsored kidnapping of black and brown children 
  7. A ban on removing newborns from their mothers when a CPS case is pending
  8. An end to drug testing of mothers and babies at birth 
  9. An end to the interrogation of children without the presence of their parents
  10. An end to using lifestyle, cultural choices as the basis for removal
  11. Family first consideration = Kinship 
  12. Ending the practice of treating family placement as foster placement

See you there and let us make our demands heard! 

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