Presented by Emancipate NC, Operation Stop CPS, and the Movement for Family Power, the new short documentary To Be Invisible by Myah Overstreet screened on October 27th at the People’s Solidarity Hub in Durham, NC. The documentary follows the journeys of Alexis and Kellie, two mothers impacted by Durham’s foster care system, as they fight to reunite with their children after they were removed by Durham County’s child protective services. The community came together for an educational event that featured a lively jazz band and delicious food. 

After watching the documentary, a panel discussion was held to talk about the issues of child protective services in Durham. The discussion was moderated by Erin Cloud and included impacted parents Toia Potts and Bashirah McDaniels, along with Amanda Wallace and filmmaker Myah Overstreet. Toia Potts and Bashirah McDaniels discussed their personal experiences of avoidable harm and trauma that the system wrought on their families.   

The film will be released in 2024 on the New Yorker Documentary site. Look out for a viewing near you and follow on Instagram at @tobeinvisiblefilm.