One year ago, Darryl Tyree Williams was killed by the Raleigh Police Department with a taser weapon. About 50 people, including family, friends, and community activists, gathered last week on the anniversary of his death for a vigil to honor his life and continue to demand accountability from the police.

Emancipate NC’s Kerwin Pittman said, “Even though the district attorney chose not to charge those officers who viciously murdered Darryl Williams, that don’t mean we give up, y’all.” Emancipate NC is committed to continuing to support the Williams family and support them in calling for  justice. “We keep fighting for justice, y’all,” he said. “Because it is not over.”

Emancipate NC and national civil rights attorney Ben Crump are working with the Williams family to file a civil wrongful death lawsuit against the Raleigh Police Department in the coming weeks. “We should not have to file lawsuits to create accountability,” Dawn Blagrove said. 

Kerwin Pittman said, “This situation will be rectified if these officers were held accountable, but not only if these officers were held accountable but those in positions of power were made to pay for the death of Darryl Williams. And when I say pay, I mean literally pay: financially. 

Mr. Williams’ mother, Sonya Williams, shared these words about her son: “He was just a very outgoing, outspoken person. He loved his family, you know, he’d give you anything you want. Just a good all-around person and he’s truly missed.”

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