Emancipate NC’s Dawn Blagrove was invited to Goldsboro to speak at the book launch for Dr. Larry Monk. She discussed police interaction.

Self actualization for Black folks. Part of that is being able to have the knowledge that we need to protect ourselves while we exist in a country that is hostile. You may be pulled over by the police. You have to provide your driver license and you have to provide your registration. But you do not need to answer random questions. We say this all the time. But people still think they know what is safe to say and what is not safe to say. That is a fallacy that you need to erase from the mental lexicon. 

The laws are designed to entrap and to ensnare. For example, [they might ask you] where are you coming from? Since I don’t have anything to hide, I might say, I’m coming from the Piggly Wiggly. But what you don’t know is, Piggly Wiggly just got robbed or there was some kind of fight or some kind of criminality there. You have put yourself inadvertently at the scene.

Check out the whole talk here.