The DEA is prepared to support the move to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, from Schedule I to Schedule III. Dawn was interviewed about the significant impacts of such a rescheduling. 

Dawn stated:

“We would like to see marijuana descheduled completely, decriminalizing marijuana altogether, and also retroactively pardoning low-level marijuana convictions on a federal level.

“We know it is not criminalized equally across all demographics and that disproportionately Black folks are charged and convicted of marijuana cases much more frequently, almost 4 times more frequently than white citizens even though statistically everyone is using marijuana at the same rate.

“We know that there is a racial element to the way that these crimes are charged. We know that that racial element and disproportionality impacts not just people’s everyday lives, but also their rights to vote their right, their ability to be able to find affordable housing,” 

Blagrove described the scheduling change as “a step in the right direction,” but urged state lawmakers to take further action. 

“This is not something that we should be moving slow with. Decriminalizing marijuana, decriminalizing marijuana use, decriminalizing substance abuse issues, is something that should be a top priority.”

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