Last weekend, Emancipate’s Jaelyn Miller joined up with the Ready the Ground Training Team (RGTT) to share how those demanding justice and liberation in the streets can navigate the upcoming period of increased state repression against protestors.

RGTT strengthens movements for social justice in North Carolina by offering training in nonviolent people-power action and marshaling. They asked Team Emancipate to collaborate on training a group of protest marshals on the rights they and protestors have under the new anti-protest bill, HB 40, which passed into law despite Team Emancipate and others’ efforts to stop it.

Coming out of this training, there’s one thing we know: we cannot let rightwing politicians intimidate us into backing down. Liberatory movements have faced far worse conditions in the past and continued to struggle. We must do the same, armed with the knowledge needed to not expose ourselves to unnecessary risks when doing so.