Kerwin Pittman gave powerful testimony at the General Assembly on H.B. 805, the anti-political protest bill that would create felony penalties for activities deemed to be “riots” and any “assault” on emergency personnel, even without the causation of a physical injury.

Kerwin Pittman stated:

“I am one of the main organizers for the protests that happened after the killing of George Floyd. This bill is the Anti-Black Lives Matter Bill. When individuals took to the streets after UNC won championships, and things were damaged, you didn’t see a bill like this. . . . In this instance, we are in a time in history when criminal justice reform is of utmost importance, we see a bill like this to deter individuals from coming out and exercising their constitutional rights. . . . If I brush up against a law enforcement officer, in a crowd, I may be charged with a felony and they weren’t even injured? This is unacceptable. This is anti-Black Lives Matter movement. Which side will you be on?”

Listen to the committee debate →