Emancipate NC’s Toia Potts and Amanda Wallace from Operation Stop CPS hosted an Instagram Live event in August to celebrate the reunification of the family of Alexis Wynn. Alexis was separated from her two sons for over 3 years by Durham DSS. They finally reunited this summer! Let us spread this hope!

In 2019, Alexis became a victim of domestic violence. Instead of offering her help and resources, the system took her children from her. This started a 3-year-long battle to get her kids returned. The system put her under a gag order forbidding her from speaking out about this injustice. But now her case is closed and she can finally tell her story.

Alexis spoke on how she survived this ordeal:

Don’t ever give up. Find the strength you may feel like you might not even have some days. Find that strength within you. Meditate. I remember doing yoga. . . . My body was so tense and hard. I remember doing yoga with KeKe. . . During the traumatic experience you are going through, doing yoga with KeKe I was able to feel grounded and to get my mind focused because CPS would try to throw you off. I prayed too. I absolutely did pray and had church members praying for me. Don’t let CPS become your life because they will try to tear you down mentally. Pray, meditate, get grounded, focus, and get your babies. Don’t ever give up. 

We will continue to celebrate keeping families safe and happy TOGETHER at the Freedom in the Park event at Cook Road Park in Durham on Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 4 pm

Join us for kid-friendly fun with food, games, music, and a moon bounce. 

Freedom in the Park

September 16 at 4 pm

Cook Road Park

602 Cook Road, Durham NC.

Register here for the event.