On Wednesday, Team Emancipate met with attorneys from the Civil Rights Section of the United States Department of Justice. USDOJ agreed to meet with us after we sent a letter detailing systematic constitutional violations by the Raleigh Police Department (RPD). 

During the meeting, we shared information with USDOJ about:

  • RPD’s unjustified murders of Daniel Turcios, Rafael Rodriguez-Nunez, and Darryl Williams
  • Statistics showing prevalent racial profiling and racially-disparate searches of Black motorists by RPD
  • Evidence of poor supervision and a culture of impunity within RPD
  • Examples of unjustified beatings of civilians by RPD
  • Examples of corruption within RPD
  • Examples of violations of the First Amendment right to protest by RPD
  • The capture of North Carolina’s General Assembly and judiciary by extremist forces opposed to civil rights

We will continue to share information and urge federal intervention in the Raleigh Police Department.