Image by Amanda Denise, NewsChannel 12.

School Resource Officers are supposed to keep students safe — but like most police in this country, they are actually trained to view the very people they are supposed to protect as the enemy.

At North Pitt High School in Greenville, NC, a School Resource Officer cussed at, maced, and then violently shoved a teenage girl across the room, giving her a concussion. Emancipate NC Organizer Dedan Waciuri assisted the family to file a complaint and hold a press conference to demand accountability from the school and the Sheriff’s Office.

“She’s traumatized, you’re talking about my child, she does not want to go back to school. SROs are supposed to be in place to protect, and if so, if that’s the case, where is the protection for my child when that happened?” Jarrett Jenkins, her father, said.

Emancipate NC will continue to support the people of Greenville, North Carolina as they demand transformative change for authentic community safety through the “Peace Not Police” campaign.

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