On August 21, 2022, the mayor of Enfield, NC, Mondale Robinson, took to Facebook Live to capture the bulldozing of a Confederate monument.

In an interview with WUNC, he stated: 

“You know, I think this monument symbolized everything that was slavery in this country. . . . Every time I looked at this, I understand the epigenetics that goes into post-traumatic stress. This was a trigger for so many people. Whether they experienced slavery or not, it was passed down through their grandparents and their great grandparents, on to generations forth. So, if we are to be trying to heal young Black children in the city of Enfield, then this was a huge step in that process.”

In the aftermath of this righteous action, white supremacists have passed out plastic baggies containing bird seed. They are attempting to recruit people to their hatred. Kerwin Pittman has been on the ground repeatedly since August 21, and Emancipate NC will be supporting Enfield’s mayor and Black residents in all manner.