On May 14, Emancipate NC Director of Policy and Program Kerwin Pittman and Organizer Dedan Waciuri traveled to Wilmington, North Carolina for a Know Your Rights event.

The event was sponsored by the ACLU of North Carolina, the Second Chance AllianceLeading Into New Communities (LINC), the NAACP, and the Campaign to End Cash Bail. The teach-in was designed to educate community members about their rights in police encounters and how to hold law enforcement accountable.

“It is important for the community of Wilmington, NC and all communities to know their rights when it comes to law enforcement. In today’s time where police brutality is at an all time high, to not know how to utilize those rights automatically sets you behind, making you a prime candidate for police brutality. If you are from a marginalized community it makes the risk of being brutalized even then much greater,” said Kerwin Pittman.

The community was receptive to the information. People left the event knowing their rights and with materials to share with others. They left full, mentally and physically.